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Acting in a Shakespeare play is a really special experience- the story is so rich and full of interpretation. The stories are timeless but can be made more “current” or be set in a different era without losing their significance or power.
Only in the world I fill up a place, which may be better supplied when I have made it empty.

Throughout rehearsal the dramaturg’s kept logs documenting the process along the way. Click here to read a few. 

We might have little drops of water to subconsciously recall a prison or an environment where you feel trapped. Or we might use the sound of the wind or birds evoke a more open mindset. That is the soundscape.
There are three different worlds in this play. The world of the shepherds, the world of the foresters, and the world of the court. The court is wears black and their clothing is more restrictive and polished. The shepherds might make their clothes, so they wear sweaters or socks that they’ve knit or things that look homemade. The foresters wear a lot of color and texture with more of a lumberjack, hipster look, in blue jeans and plaids.
The poster for As You Like It. 

The poster for As You Like It.